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People and Businesses need a new digital framework to optimize their potential, skills, experiences, expertise, products and services. We are witnessing digital transformation at a super accelerated rate and as technology professionals we can assist you with Specific Purpose and Digital Direction.

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Over 50 Market Sector Digital Television Networks based on The North American Industry Classification System. NAICS is a classification of business establishments by type of economic activity. It is used by government and business in Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.


Twenty-Thousand Vertical Market Channels exist within the Market Sectors with over 10,000 Manufacturing Digital Channels. Each Vertical Market Digital TV Channels is focused on the vendors, products, goods, services, resources, relevant data, video, audio, text, graphics, animation, technology and administration.


500 Five Hundred Horizontal applications each customized

market is a market in which a product or service meets a need of a wide range of buyers across different sectors of an economy.[1][2]

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For Immediate Release

IBM Cloud invests another $100,000 Cloud Credits into Hamilton firm to Cloud Accelerate their Digital Television Broadcasting Network.
“Highest caliber in the world.”
Hamilton, Ontario Canada (October 25, 2021) IRONSIDE  newMedia Inc. is awarded another $100,000 in IBM Cloud Credits to implement their ambitious 2021 Go To Market Plan. “We are working with IBM because we can trust IBM. We know they always have our back.” says Mark Ironside, President “This gives us the ability to accelerate our build processes and delivery of our Specific Purpose Network and all our Digital TV  properties. In 2018 and 2019 IBM invested an initial $20,000 for their IBM Watson Build Business Plan Phase 1.

6/30/2021 12:59 PM
Hi Mark – great news! Your balance of startup funds (net $100K) to build on IBM Cloud was approved!  
Roger C. Snook
IBM Public Cloud Ecosystem Enablement Leader, Americas
Co-Author Enterprise Class Mobile Application Development, Inventor, SME Cloud, DevOps, Mobile

Digital Users, Businesses and Affiliates – The  Specifc Purpose Network caters to Users who need specific relevant data and information, Businesses who need to communicate specific relevant data and information and people who want to become Affiliates to Specific Purpose Network Digital Television. The authored publication 2010, FUTURNOMICS- Digital Education, eCommerce and Entertainment acts as the new roadmap to “a New DIGITAL LIFE” with Digital Direction.

The goal of the company is to combine Digital Television Broadcasting with traditional terrestrial television and then boost value by adding IBM Cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Watson and RedHat OpenShift.

The new hybrid approach by all our leading Partners has enabled us to provide new opportunities for effective digital transformation. The plan is specifically designed to streamline, uploading and downloading files for the Specific Purpose Network Digital Television Networks, Channels and Specific Purpose Programs.

“Now, we have the greatest launch pad of ALL plus the digital tools we need to build the Specific Purpose Network TV™ [SPN TV™] Broadcasting Network and the $100K assistance from IBM will really help.” says Ironside. SPN TV™ is a Digital Television Project designed to create a new media digital economy based on turning potential, knowledge, skills, expertise, products and services into digital assets which can be bought, sold or traded on a locally or global scale.

The Specific Purpose Network TV™ system is envisioned to have 100 languages, 50 Market Sectors, 20,000 Vertical Markets and 500 Horizontal Specific Purpose Programs. “We need the power of Watson with Machine Learning and AI to build the best possible Digital TV Experience. When the build is finished we expect to have the largest, best and most sophisticated Digital Television Network in the world.” says Ironside. “This is not meant to replace search engines, it’s designed to give the user specific relevant data and much more digital interactivity. It’s meant to get you, the information you need, when you need it. I believe this is going to help people and businesses increase sales, decrease overheads and improve communication, globally.” Ironside says, “For end-users it means they get relevant data, businesses get new digital services and affiliates get the opportunity to develop the new media digital economy.”

Now, the pressure is on for the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, based company. This leading edge technology needs to be delivered in an easy to understand format. “Artificial Intelligence is just another tool, there is nothing to be feared, it’s just a tool.” says Ironside, owner with over thirty years as an I.T. veteran. He goes on to say “I believe the reason IBM accepted our plan and AI strategy is because we are utilizing many aspects of IBM Cloud and Watson. We are proud to be working with IBM to build a real global solution to develop the new digital economy. Thousands of people and businesses are looking for Specific Purpose solutions in Canada and Worldwide. With SPN TV™ business owners and entrepreneurs will now be able to get specific relevant data and information plus an open architechture upon which they can build.”

The company works directly with other Partners and IBM Business Partners including, Ken Muir, Blockchain Expert from 4DcyberTV.com, Erwin Sniedzins, AI and Education Inventor, MountKnowledge.ca and Artist, Dargus with ALASALAGOOBOPSKIS.COM & GoobopMedia.com. The company’s mission is to lead digital transformation by turning potential into digital assets which can be sold worldwide. Head Office is based in Hamilton, which is a great place to grow a business.  The company is looking to attract People, Businesses, Affiliates and Artists plus Freelancers who want to find and develop their own digital businesses, careers, opportunities within the Specific Purpose Network Digital Television ecosystem

Company Information: IRONSIDE newMedia Inc. is an IBM Business Partner and provider of digital solutions founded in 1987. The company combines Television, Radio, Internet, Print, Digital with Video, Audio, Text, Graphics, Animation and Technology and Cloud Services. Their M.A.G.I.C.A.L. Plus Solutions combine the hybrid cloud market as Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Cisco, Amazon and Linux Partners and Developers.

The family company leads with Award Winning Programming, Project Leadership and now more Development credits to help people and businesses. They produced and hosted the Cable 14 Program “Hamilton’s Computer Lifestyles” a live tv show assisting viewers with their computer problems from 1989-1993. We are Focused on delivering state-of-the-art technology, education, digital  solutions and direction with Specific Purpose.

For more information contact:
Mark Ironside


FUTURNOMICS – New Digital Life

A NEW MEDIA Guide to a new DIGITAL Life

Introduction A DIGITALCanada.TV Beta PROJECT
A new DIGITAL Life means…
           Education, eCommerce, Entertainment

 Table of Contents


  1. Specific Purpose
  2. Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Cisco, Amazon, Linux Plus All Technology
  3. Digital Education
  4. Digital Business
  5. Specific Purpose Network
  6. Networks, Channels and Specific Purpose Programs
  7. Affiliates, Consultants, Instructors and Freelancers
  8. DIGITAL Directions
  9. DIGITAL Life Development Programs
  10. New DIGITAL Lifelong learning


  1. FinTECHhub.TV
  2. M.A.G.I.C.A.L.+ eCommerce Solutions
  3. Digital Rights Management, Digital Asset Distribution & Syndication    
  4. .com eCommerce business plan Overview original content
  5. the new Digital Marketplace
  6. Business Applications
  7. Business Development
  8. Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Public Relations,
  9. DTRIP Digital, Television, Radio, Internet and Print
  10. Business Networks


  1. newMediaSTAR.TV
  2. MAGICAL +
  3. Digital Television
  4. Entertainment Libraries
  5. Entertainment for Artists
  6. Gaming
  7. Movies
  8. Streaming
  9. Production
  10. Video, Audio, Text, Graphics, Animation, Technology and Administration


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Pick a Journey
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