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Having a business digital specific purpose journey roadmap and a specific purpose network to travel through can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Clarity of Purpose: A digital specific purpose journey roadmap helps you to define your business objectives clearly and provides you with a clear path to achieving those objectives. It ensures that you are focusing your efforts on the most important aspects of your business and not wasting time on activities that are not aligned with your goals.
  2. Resource Optimization: A well-defined roadmap helps you to allocate your resources in the most efficient way possible. It allows you to prioritize your investments based on their impact on achieving your goals.
  3. Measurable Progress: A roadmap also provides you with a framework to measure your progress. By breaking down your objectives into smaller, measurable goals, you can track your progress and make adjustments as needed.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Having a clear roadmap and a specific purpose network can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. It helps you to stay focused on your goals and to differentiate your business from others in your industry.
  5. Collaboration: A specific purpose network can help you to collaborate with other businesses that share similar goals. By working together, you can leverage each other’s strengths and resources to achieve common objectives.

In summary, having a business digital specific purpose journey roadmap and a specific purpose network to travel through can provide clarity of purpose, optimize resources, enable measurable progress, provide a competitive advantage, and foster collaboration.

In today’s world, owning a digital presence has become increasingly important for individuals and businesses alike. A digital presence refers to the online footprint that an entity leaves behind through its website, social media profiles, and other digital channels. The benefits of owning a digital presence are numerous and can make a significant difference in various areas of life.

One significant benefit of owning a digital presence is that it allows individuals to reach a broader audience. With a website or social media profile, individuals can connect with people from all around the world, breaking down geographical barriers and reaching new markets. This is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their customer base, but it also applies to individuals looking to share their ideas and connect with like-minded people.

Owning a digital presence also provides a platform for individuals and businesses to showcase their skills, products, and services. With the help of a website or social media, individuals can create a portfolio or showcase their products in a visually appealing manner. This helps to establish credibility and build trust with potential customers or clients.

Another benefit of owning a digital presence is that it provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to engage with their audience. Through social media platforms, individuals and businesses can have direct interactions with their customers, addressing their concerns, and gaining feedback. This helps to build a strong relationship with the audience and increases brand loyalty.

Owning a digital presence also enables individuals and businesses to stay competitive. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements to remain relevant. Having a digital presence is not only essential but also a competitive advantage that can help businesses stand out in a crowded market.

Finally, owning a digital presence provides a cost-effective way for individuals and businesses to market their products and services. Compared to traditional advertising methods, digital advertising is much more affordable and provides better targeting options, allowing businesses to reach the right audience with their message.

In conclusion, owning a digital presence provides numerous benefits that can significantly impact an individual’s or a business’s success. From expanding reach to building credibility and engaging with the audience, having a digital presence is crucial in today’s digital age.


We are Microsoft Partners, IBM Business Partners, Google, Apple, Cisco and Amazon Developers. Recently, we have been awarded $133k USD in Microsoft Start-Up Funding & 174k USD in Start-Up Funding from IBM.

Since 1987, we are dedicated to assisting people and businesses with their technology evolution. Selling and supporting hardware, software and services has given us a unique perspective to see trends in technology evolution and digital development. This led us to author “EZ Computer Learning™”, Technology curriculum for Universities and Colleges, Technology Development Programs for families and businesses and in 2010 my daughter and I authored “FUTURNOMICS – New Media, New Businesses™ Education, eCommerce and Entertainment which acts as the foundation for our system. We n ow have the privilege of working with top technologists and have the ability to create custom applications without bias. Whatever technology is necessary to accomplish the goal, vision and mission is the technology we work with.

In 1989 we started LIVE Computer Television Shows 1989-1993 which we produced and hosted Computers and You on Cable 14, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The 110 shows made it easy for people to understand technology, focused on assisting the audience with computer problems and featured interviews with industry leaders including Bill Gates. Since then, we have produced numerous television, radio, Internet and print campaigns to educate people about companies, products and services in an entertaining sales-oriented manner.

It is with this knowledge we are building “The Largest Specific Purpose Network in the World” a new type of Digital Television Network™. SPN TV is designed to give people and businesses relevant data and information with Specific Purpose. Our Go-To-Market Plan includes creating a new digital economy by crossing 20,000+ Vertical Markets with 500 Horizontal Applications.

We assist businesses and people who need hardware, software, IT services, digital transformation direction, media guidance and hi-tech solutions.


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FUTURNOMICS – New Digital Life

A NEW MEDIA Guide to a new DIGITAL Life

Introduction A DIGITALCanada.TV Beta PROJECT
A new DIGITAL Life means…
           Education, eCommerce, Entertainment

 Table of Contents


  1. Specific Purpose
  2. Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Cisco, Amazon, Linux Plus All Technology
  3. Digital Education
  4. Digital Business
  5. Specific Purpose Network
  6. Networks, Channels and Specific Purpose Programs
  7. Affiliates, Consultants, Instructors and Freelancers
  8. DIGITAL Directions
  9. DIGITAL Life Development Programs
  10. New DIGITAL Lifelong learning


  1. FinTECHhub.TV
  2. M.A.G.I.C.A.L.+ eCommerce Solutions
  3. Digital Rights Management, Digital Asset Distribution & Syndication    
  4. .com eCommerce business plan Overview original content
  5. the new Digital Marketplace
  6. Business Applications
  7. Business Development
  8. Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Public Relations,
  9. DTRIP Digital, Television, Radio, Internet and Print
  10. Business Networks


  1. newMediaSTAR.TV
  2. MAGICAL +
  3. Digital Television
  4. Entertainment Libraries
  5. Entertainment for Artists
  6. Gaming
  7. Movies
  8. Streaming
  9. Production
  10. Video, Audio, Text, Graphics, Animation, Technology and Administration


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