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Affiliates will be licensing our SaaS, education, ecommerce and entertainment system to create 100% relevant ‘original digital content’ for their designated Specific Purpose DTV Channel. For instance, their unique ID is connected to DTV Channel 11A0-0001-138DD, English, Agriculture, Soy Bean Farming, How-to, their responsibility after proper training, evaluation and certification would be to find every link, source, video, audio, text, graphics, animation, technology or admin knowledge, data or information  about How-to Soy Bean Farm. Affiliates can perform their duties without the IoT Unit however it makes their production, and streaming much more effective. We are looking to build a working relationship with our Affiliate Users where we become a new source to create income, sharing in the success of the DTV 

Channels they help build. They curate and create ‘original content’, upload it to the network and get paid based on SPN tv criteria.