FUTURNOMICS – New Digital Life

A NEW MEDIA Guide to a new DIGITAL Life

Introduction A DIGITALCanada.TV Beta PROJECT
A new DIGITAL Life means…
           Education, eCommerce, Entertainment

 Table of Contents


  1. Specific Purpose
  2. Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, Cisco, Amazon, Linux Plus All Technology
  3. Digital Education
  4. Digital Business
  5. Specific Purpose Network
  6. Networks, Channels and Specific Purpose Programs
  7. Affiliates, Consultants, Instructors and Freelancers
  8. DIGITAL Directions
  9. DIGITAL Life Development Programs
  10. New DIGITAL Lifelong learning


  1. FinTECHhub.TV
  2. M.A.G.I.C.A.L.+ eCommerce Solutions
  3. Digital Rights Management, Digital Asset Distribution & Syndication    
  4. .com eCommerce business plan Overview original content
  5. the new Digital Marketplace
  6. Business Applications
  7. Business Development
  8. Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Public Relations,
  9. DTRIP Digital, Television, Radio, Internet and Print
  10. Business Networks


  1. newMediaSTAR.TV
  2. MAGICAL +
  3. Digital Television
  4. Entertainment Libraries
  5. Entertainment for Artists
  6. Gaming
  7. Movies
  8. Streaming
  9. Production
  10. Video, Audio, Text, Graphics, Animation, Technology and Administration